Social Media Marketing Magazine compiled  2017's top CMOs on Twitter. Splash Media's CMO, Eve Mayer, is thrilled to join this list featuring CMOs from HP, Unilever, Citrix, Adobe, GE, Cisco, Mary Kay, Lenovo, Mastercard, H&R Block and MGM Resorts. See the full list here.
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, social media has proven to be a dynamic and vital tool to the survival and rescue efforts put forth by the community.
Splash Media is expanding! We have acquired one of the leading social media agencies in DFW, Social Media Delivered.
The way people consume information is constantly evolving.
Is Instagram finally becoming the Snapchat we never asked for? Given the recent updates to both Instagram and Snapchat, both seem to be mimicking each other. Over the last year we’ve seen some dramatic changes to both platforms, changing the way we share. Stories have become increasingly popular ...
You’ve seen it a hundred times. A brand makes a mistake, someone posts about it online and suddenly they’re embroiled in a PR nightmare. In a matter of minutes, a brand that has spent years building a solid reputation sees it all go down the drain. #JusticeforBradswife anyone?
In the days before social media, measuring ROI on campaigns had it’s challenges. You heard terms like reach and frequency and were given vague numbers about how many people saw your ad. Times sure have changed, haven’t they? Now, with the continual rise of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ...
Account managers are like the Wizard of OZ in social media. They’re the ones behind the curtain making sure that all your dreams come true. When it comes to knowing your brand, account managers are the ones making sure that the proper strategy is in place.
Community managers are the unsung heroes of the social media world. They are the ones behind the computer helping with the status of your order, retweeting your #NuggsforCarter status or savagely throwing shade at competitors.