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6 ways Instagram is turning into Snapchat (and 3 ways it’s just better)

With all the Instagram updates lately, you might be a little lost. We’ve got you covered, though, as we’ve rounded up and explained all the most recent updates:

1. Stories

Not new but still in its infant stage. Instagram stories were added to rival its competitor Snapchat. This allows users to remain on the platform to share what they are doing in that moment. The catch? Unlike Snapchat, where you can add photos to your snaps from any time, things can be added to your story from your camera roll if they have been taken within the last 24 hours. To add a photo to your story. swipe down at the top of your stories screen.


2. Group Stories

Not just stories on Instagram, oh, no. Now you can also make a story and share it with select people, much like Snapchat. The main difference is when you send a group story, you’re able to see everyone’s responses in one thread.


3. Stickers!!!

Take your boring old Insta-story up a notch with stickers! Up in the top right, you will see a smiley face in the same area you see the pen tool and the color option, and that’s where they are. Go sticker crazy! Besides your standard emojis, you have access to locations (where you have to select your location, it will default saying ‘location’), weather, time and a small but adorable selection of themed options. We’ll have to see how these change once the holidays are over.


4. Saving

Just like Snapchat did earlier this year with Memories, Instagram is rolling out its own feature allowing you to save your stories. All you have to do is tap the download icon.


5. Saved Photos

Now, when you see a cute outfit, puppy or hilarious meme that you might want to go back to later, all is not forgotten. You can now save photos. Just click the little bookmark icon, and it will go into your saved folder which you, and only you, can see.


6. Liking Comments

Next time your friend tags you in some dank memes, instead of having to reply with the standard “hahaha” or “I know, right!” you can simply like their comment. Done and done.


7. Reply

This isn’t the most amazing new feature, but it does take away a step. Now, when you want to reply to someone in comments, you can just click reply under the person’s handle and that name will autofill in your comment.


8. Live Video

Much like Instagram’s bigger brother, Facebook, live video is now an option. Done the same way as adding to your story, click the camera icon while on your news feed, and then swipe over to Live, hit Go Live and let the fun begin. Your followers will get a notification that you are live and can join in to watch the festivities that are your life. The thing is, your live story will disappear once you are done recording. We safely assume this feature restriction will change to be more like Facebook in the near future.


9. Hands-Free Recording

When you go live or make a story, you don’t have to worry about pressing down the recording button the entire time if you don’t want to. This should make holding your phone while walking and snapping, but not snapping ‘cause we’re talking Instagram here not Snapchat, a lot easier.


So, with all these new features, which ones are you most excited for? Will the Insta-story rivalry crush Snapchat as a competitor? How long do you think it will take before geo-filters and face-filters will be released? Facebook is already rolling out facial filter options much like Snapchat’s. One thing is clear, these updates show that Instagram ain’t afraid of no ghost.

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