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Jamie McCook
I remember the day I received my travel itinerary and saw Serbia and thought to myself...”Where the hell is Serbia?” It wasn’t until a month later when I was creating a map for my family to follow that I realized where this, previously thought to be fictitious, country was located.
I landed in Prague on May 31. To say the first month was a whirlwind would be the biggest understatement EVER! I met around 30 people the first night (and remembered all their names, surprisingly) at a beer garden that would later become our second home. So far, I’ve found beer is a good icebreaker ...
Working from home has been a trend more and more companies have embraced over the past decade. This year, my company let me take it to the next level: working abroad. Yup, across the world, in different time zones, just me and my computer. Well, not really.