I remember the day I received my travel itinerary and saw Serbia and thought to myself...”Where the hell is Serbia?” It wasn’t until a month later when I was creating a map for my family to follow that I realized where this, previously thought to be fictitious, country was located.

No amount of research could have prepared me for Belgrade, Serbia and how much I would fall in love with it! It’ so different from Prague in the best ways possible.


Don’t get me wrong; Prague is like a fairytale. It’s clean (almost sterile tbh) and so perfectly put together, even on a gloomy day (kinda like Kate Hudson looking gorgeous in sweat after doing a Tough Mudder in a torrential downpour). But Belgrade looks and feels lived-in, like that comfortable pair of Levis you’ll take to your grave. The people are warm, and there’s a certain charm in the city’s grit and grime.


One night, while walking home from an event, I followed music into a small, seemingly closed bar to find four faces staring back at me. Luckily, they didn’t turn me away and I was afforded the luxury of spending several hours with these ridiculously hospitable locals. It was the first night since I leaving America that I felt right at home.


I ended up making friends with the owner and his wife and spent multiple evenings chatting about the history of Belgrade and asking every question that popped into my head with zero judgment or any fear of being offensive. It was the first time on the trip, and hopefully not the last, where I felt like I was actually living the life of a local, and not just passing through for a month.


I could definitely see myself living in Serbia long-term; which is weird considering I didn’t even know it existed a few weeks ago.

Next stop – London!

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