Last Thursday, the release of Pokémon GO changed the life as we know it for many. I say this because not only are people spending more time in this augmented reality game than in Snapchat and Instagram, but because my agency called a 9 a.m. Pokémon GO meeting to discuss this phenomenon in depth. So here I am writing and here you are reading. More specifically, if you’re wondering about Pokémon GO in Addison and where to catch ‘em all, it’s cool, we are too.

What’s great about Addison is that it’s a nice sized city with over 180 restaurants, several Poké Gyms and parks offering landmarks that are all essential components to being successful in your Pokémon GO catching strategy. So where are the hot spots for Pokémon GO in Addison? Without wasting any more of your “catch ‘em all” time, here they are:

Addison Circle

Addison Circle is a little neighborhood goldmine for Pokémon GO landmarks. Visit all three parks in the area, including Addison Circle Park, Beckert Park and Bosque Park for PokéStops. While at the Addison Circle Park, jump on over to the Addison Conference & Theatre Centre where you’ll find yet another PokéStop. Once you’ve worked up an appetite from all the walking you’ll be doing, swing by Taco Borracho, The Lion and Crown Pub, The Mucky Duck or Astoria Wine Cafe, where you’ll find two existing PokéStops inside. There is no greater way to catch Pokémon than while enjoying a cold beverage on a Texas patio. You’re next stop will be to walk on over to Gaia Flow Yoga, the nearest gym to battle your Pokémon. Aside from all of these rich landmarks, Addison Circle also offers many sidewalks you can stroll along, presenting several more opportunities to catch Pokémon, power up and train along your route.

Vitruvian Park

Vitruvian Park is another Pokémon GO in Addison haven. Vitruvian Park has 26,000 square feet of retail and a 12-acre public park including a creek, bridges and trails. This public outdoor area is a perfect space for you to meet your crew and make new friends all while catching Pokémon and battling them together.

Village On The Parkway

Village On The Parkway in Addison is more of a retail space, but it doesn’t mean you can’t shop, eat, drink and catch all the Pokémon you can. Just know that there will be plenty to see and do there – we promise.

That’s all we’ve got for Pokémon GO in Addison. We’ll be busy investigating this augmented reality for business and friends – we’ll let you know what we catch!