I landed in Prague on May 31. To say the first month was a whirlwind would be the biggest understatement EVER! I met around 30 people the first night (and remembered all their names, surprisingly) at a beer garden that would later become our second home. So far, I’ve found beer is a good icebreaker in Prague.


1st small group pic from Letna Beer Garden in Prague (a great place to watch the sunset).

There were so many events happening that I struggled to keep my calendar up to date, let alone make it to things … and if you know me at all, I live and die by my calendar so I was freaking out a little. Luckily, the program is structured in a way to ease us into our development events, so they didn’t plan many of the business/professional events in the beginning. The first month was mainly social events and meet-up type situations over food (and alcohol), which gave us the opportunity to learn how other people in the group communicate, take feedback, find out who had the best snacks, you know, the important stuff. All of which is essential for 70 plus people who will be traveling the world together for the next year.


We didn’t leave Prague without adding a Remote Year ‘Darien’ (official group name) lock to the love lock bridge!

As breathtakingly beautiful as Prague was, I was relieved to leave. I hope daily life can go back to a somewhat normal schedule for me in the coming months. This past month felt like a dream and I think the next few months will be really important as we begin intertwining our personal and work lives. Let the adventures commence!

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