Working from home has been a trend more and more companies have embraced over the past decade. This year, my company let me take it to the next level: working abroad. Yup, across the world, in different time zones, just me and my computer. Well, not really.

I was selected as 1 of 75 people who will be a part of an amazing yearlong, new(ish) program called Remote Year. I came across the program last summer, and before I applied I brought it up to my boss with basically, “Idk if this is even a possibility and it’s a long shot, but I kinda want to apply and see what happens.” After I gave him a short rundown of what it was (and how long – a full year … eek), his response of “Apply! If you get it, we’ll figure it out!” floored me, and I couldn’t get back to my desk fast enough to do just that.


Long story short, after a long wait, I received a formal invitation to join Remote Year and was set to depart May 30 for our initial destination: Prague!


I spent several months preparing to leave, selling my car, getting my apartment lease handled, couch surfing with friends while said lease was over, storing everything I couldn’t sell, and saying my goodbyes, or should I say, “Sbohem.”

It’s going to be an intense year but an amazing one. I’m more than grateful to have a career that has granted me an experience such as this one. I know there will be a lot of ups, downs, excitement and challenges. However, being abroad gives me the opportunity to really dive into new cultures, learn new things, see new sights and manage an international work schedule to write home about.


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Learn more about the Remote Year program here!

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